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Punarjani 2022

PUNARJANI- 2022  was clubbed with Presidential visit on 26 June 2022 and is held at ISC AbuDhabi.

The crux of PUNARJANI 2022 is an inhouse production “From Darkness to Light ”scripted, directed and choreographed by Mrs. Vandana Menon. The saying goes: In a world where you can be anything, ‘Be Kind’. Where there is kindness, there is love, empathy, regard and more. We can only imagine then, what the world would be like, without kindness. 
FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT - AKMG R1’s in-house production – is a depiction of how 
darkness’ gloom can overcome us in a world where war, evil actions, illness and uncertainty exist. With the firm belief that we are built as overcomers, this performance sheds light on the power of belief-of-the-self – that we are halfway there, once the journey toward light has begun. 
As we are transformed from within when we synchronize with the divine and celestial concert, we will see a shift: from hate to love, from doubt to faith,  from war to peace and from darkness to light. Let us remember that we are each responsible for shunning darkness and shining light for each other.
As a tribute to the triumph of life’s thus simple yet significant and innumerable moments, AKMG-R1 presents an enchanting theatre extravaganza.

It is an astounding display of music, light and colours with a remarkable number of 55 AKMG R1 families on stage,a show that do witness a rebirth of friendships and flair and the birth of new treasures and ties.


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