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Two Day Medical CME - Region 2



Clinical Challenges and Latest Therapeutic Trends in Medicine

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AKMG Emirates - Region 2, in Association with Metro Medical Centre LLC, Ajman.

Venue: Umm Al Moumineen Women's Association,



Date : On 3rd (Friday) & 5th (Sunday) March 2023.

Topics on 3rd March:

1. Dr. Sheela Prince       - Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis (IGM).

2. Dr. Muhamed Shaloob.  - Recent Advances in Cardiology.

3. Dr. Jobin R. Benjamin.  - Conscious Approach to an Unconscious Patient.

4. Dr. Ashik Sainu               - GERD What has changed ?

5. Dr. Prashant C K.      - Endocrine Challenges in Clinical Practice.

6. Dr. Sanjay Kewalramani - Insights and Innovations in Otolaryngology -Recent trends.

Topics on 5th March

1. Dr. Sumi Fathima Salim - Clinical Challenges and Latest Therapeutic Trends - Refractive Surgeries.

2. Dr Pradeep Krishnan.     - RAAS Blockade In Retarding The Progression Of CKD.

3. Dr. P. Soundara Rajan - Challenging the Emergencies in Dermatology.

4. Dr. Chetan Prakash     - Biologics in Orthopedic-Sports medicine & Osteoarthritis- A New Hope.

5. Dr. Arun Vijayakumar.    - ECMO - What You Should Know.

6. Dr. Nileshkumar Panchal.    - Common Pediatric Office Emergencies.

7. Dr. Radhakrishnan Kumaran - Ureteric- Renal Calculi.

8. Dr. Rohini Mathias.          - Itching for a Diagnosis.

9. Dr. Unni Rajasekharan Nair.   - Asthma -GINA Guidelines and General Practic.

10. Dr. Kingini Bhadran.       - When to Grow and When Not to Grow- Clinical Perspective.

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