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A Tribute to SPB

Scaling newer heights in virtual entertainment was what we accomplished with the program "Tribute to the Legendary SPB". It was an evening of Mesmerizing music and dances !!! Every region came out with their thunderous capsule production which was threaded together without knots, by Dr.Nita Salam and Dr. P.S Sajith into a perfect stand out event. A true tribute to the legend S.P Balasubramaniam !!!.

First of all let me sincerely thank the efforts and commitment of our cultural convenor Dr.Nirmala Ragunathan. Her one to one communication with the regional cultural convenors and representatives helped to instill the spirit among the regions to bring out the essence. She was so systematic in coordinating, posting the minutes and updates related to the programme as and when required. Well done Dr.Nirmala.

Thanks to our President Dr.George Jacob for the leadership, guidance and support as always and for bringing in the lone sponsorship even in the difficult times!!!

Dr.Feroz Gaffoor, our treasurer had been the link with the AV concepts team. Appreciate and thank him for the efforts and the effective financial management.

The cultural convenors/representatives of all the regions attended the zoom meetings regularly to give their valuable feedback and suggestions. Six zoom meetings were conducted to plan the programme in addition to the discussions in the whattsapp group. I would like to specifically thank Dr.Fazil Ashiq, Dr.P.S Sajith and Dr. Anvar Hussain from Region1, Dr.A A Salim, Dr.Sangeeth Radhakrishnan, Dr.Reni Paulose, Dr.Jiby Rajan from R2, Dr.Sulekha Karim from R3, Dr.Nasreen Sirajudeen & Dr.Nita Salam, Dr.Saji Bava from R4, Dr.Moni K Vinod, Dr.Mohamed Salim, Dr. Shankar Dayananda Sagar from R5, Dr.Anju Mary Thomas & Dr.Nisham Noorudeen from R6 ,Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Sabeena Ali & Dr Prema Abraham from R7.

Sincere thanks to Dr.P.S Sajith who volunteered to create the promotional material for the programme. Appreciate the efforts of the members from various regions who created the promotional videos to promote participation.

The immediate past president Dr Hanish Babu, President Elect Dr.George Joseph, Past presidents Dr.Sirajudeen, Dr.Sunny Kurian & Past treasurer Dr.Safarullah Khan as usual chipped in with their valuable advices. Thanks to the senior leaders Dr.Radhakrishnan, Dr.Sirajudeen, Dr Sunny Kurian, Dr.Hanish Babu, Dr.Safarullah Khan, Dr.Ajaykumar and Dr.Sudhakaran who sent the felicitation videos in a very short notice. Dr.Sunny Kurian & Dr.Hanish Babu were kind enough to be there at the studio.

Thanks to Dr.Biju Ittimani, Dr.A A Salim, Dr.Sulekha Karim, Dr.Soumya, Dr. Anju Mary Thomas and Dr.Sabeena Ali who interacted on behalf of their regions, live on Zoom.

Sincere thanks to Dr.Nita Salam for coordinating with Mr.S.P Charan, Mr.Dinesh,Mr.Anoop Shanker and having their videos played, which revealed the true and humble human being in SPB sir. Hats off to Dr.Nita and Dr.Sajith for being the perfect combination of MCs for the program, their researches on the life and multitalented personality of SBP and the accolades he had received. Thanks to Ms.Suchetha Satish for entertaining us with her multilinguistic songs.

Thanks to our office secretary Mr.Akhil Sebastian for all his sincere efforts and Mr.Sudeep and team of AV concepts for carrying out the entrusted tasks.

On behalf of AKMG Emirates, let me thank our sponsors career links academy.

Sincere thanks to all the regions and participants who enthralled the viewers with their musical and dance extravaganza . Let me thank all those who have attended the program, and our well wishers.

Any inconvenience or glitches are deeply regretted. Please bear with me if I have unintentionally missed out anybody.

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