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*AKMG Checkmate 2021*

The first Online Chess tournament was conducted over a period of 9 weeks, between 18 Sept 2021 and 7th of Nov 2021. 

This was organised and conducted by Dr Reni Paulose, under the leadership and supervision of the Sports Committee Dr Jamaludeen Abubacker, Dr Manoj Mathew and Dr Fazil Ashiq

The 56 players who battled it out over 6 gruesome rounds,  included players from all regions of AKMG,  of both sexes and players as young as 8 years.   

The tournament followed a novel   Swiss-system fixture which is a non-eliminating tournament format that features a fixed number of rounds of competition, where players of equal skill level are pitted against each other.

*Dr Mathew George of Region 3* emerged as the undefeated winner*, with a total score of 6 points
And closely followed by  
*Mr Muhammed Y Harris from Region 4* (Second Place)
*Dr Suresh Kumar BR from Region 1* (Third Place)
*Dr Sunil Nair from Region 2* (Fourth Place)
*Dr Thomas Sebastian from Region 1* (Fifth Place)
All with a score of 5 points each, to occupy the top 5 positions.