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The event took place on the Fujairah ground at Media Park on 27th March 2022. It was the hard earning of many members of AKMG who had put many logistics into getting the event a grand success,  it being an in-person physical event after 2 years of online meetings. It was one of the best ever music programs of AKMG Emirates in consideration of the President Dr George Joseph theme Happiness in togetherness. The programme planned and executed under the auspicious guidance of Dr Gearge Joseph, The president; Dr Safarulla Khan,the Secretary General and Dr Biju Ittimani, the treasurer.The central cultural convener Dr Feroz Gaffoor coordinated perfectly well with Dr Sajith Bhaskar and Team R5, who did an exceptional work. Dr Priyanka Unnikrishnan at R5  had  tremendous energy and commitment to coordinate at all levels of coordination with all regions. Dr Sajith Sivaraman(Web Editor) and Dr Biju Ittimani the Central Treasurer pulled out all plugged in preparing the background slides and videos for the full program. 

The grand finale of the program, the Music Quiz!AKMG has expressed and showcased tremendous talents, which needs to be given more opportunities to express their hidden capabilities, singing, dancing, acting.Team Naseej was honoured at event with the Dance screen display held at the Global village. Team of Beyond Seven Seas, a all Doctor movie produced by Dr Titus Peter and family was recognised.

The singers out performed each other. The hard work and dedication was evident  from each melodious rendition of the queen of melody, the world’s Nightingale, Latalji…a perfect Tribute displayed.Dr Nita Salam and Dr Leena coordinated the whole function in an exemplary and memorable manner. Dr  Nita Salam was a real walking encyclopaedia of music!  The little prodigy Kalyani was a perfect choice for the grand finale, the musiquiz. The Orchestra was really wonderful and professional. They adjusted to even the small mistakes of novices and the whole program was visually and audibly one of the best we have had.

It was indeed a great event fulfilling every aspects of The Presidents theme.