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On 10th of Dec the Region Celebrated Christmas on the Lawns of Parudeesa in UAQ, this was attended by 128 Adults and 24 Children, with guests from AKMG Emirates Central Executive and Office Bearers and their families from all other regions.

Event Highlights.

Welcome address by Dr Anna Rekha Oomen, Regional Chair

Christmas Message Dr George Joseph, President AKMG Emirates.

Felicitation of Participants of Kalikkalam from Region 2 by Dr Varghese George (Sports Coordinator Region 2).

Kids Dance Wonderfully performed by Joshua Ashish, Suzanna Marian Zachariah, Johaan Ashish, Joshua John Zachariah, Cheryl Mary Vipin, Samara Yohan & Shaan Junais.  Choreography by Dr Jiby Rajan (Cultural Coordinator Region 2) , Ms Rhean Varghese, Ms Joanna Vinith & Ms Sneha Jayapradeep.

ABCS (Anybody Can Sing)

DR Sughu, Dr Davis and Dr Hanish entertained us with a few melodious songs and Dr Biju Ittimani the Treasurer of AKMG Emirates joined them and took it to a whole new level.

Arrival of Santa Claus

The multitalented Dr Sughu as usual stole the limelight and captivated the crowd with his grand entry and his entertaining, insightful and innuendo filled jokes, which were cheered on by the audience.

DJ Pink

DJ pink performed for more than 2 hours and set the dance floor on fire and kept the crowd grooving and asking for more. 

The enthusiastic performance on the dance floor by our senior members left the younger guests form other regions speechless.

Food and Game Stalls

Out of this world culinary and marketing talents.

We got to taste a very different and innovative array of food which was absolutely delicious.

Scoops of Delight by Dr Shahnaz

 Ithatha”s Thattu Kada by Mrs Fathima Basheer and Dr Febin Gafoor

Mulla Pandal by Mrs Jishu Dr Jiby

Ticket Box office by Dr Rekha Jayapradeep

Chocolate Coma by Ms Rhean Varghese

 Game stalls by Joanna Vinith and Esha Junais and team

Region 2 Christmas Choir

This is the first time that a formal Choir performs at a AKMG event.


Soprano: Dr Jiby Rajan , Mrs Michelle Reni , Dr Reeja Moideen

Alto: Ms Rhean Varghese, Ms Maryann Manoj, Mrs Jishu Varghese, Mrs Asha Jamal, Dr Reena, Dr Luna, Mrs Sheba Yohan, Dr Mini Manoj, Dr AnnaRekha

Tenor: Dr Vinith Zachariah and Dr Yohan Varghese

Base: Dr Ashish Sam Enos, Mr Ajith, Dr Varghese George, Dr Reni Paulose, Dr M F Davis, Dr Sughu Koshy, Dr Manoj Mathew. 

Songs Sung 1. Oh Come all Ye Faithful, 2. Let it be Christmas, 3. Joy to the World, 4. Pulkudilil, 5. Silent Night, 6. Feliz Navidad.