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Region 7 put forth a unique and authentic family get together to celebrate the advent of the new year 2023: Masquerade partyon January 8th at the millennium airport hotel in Dubai which was attended by 150 members including other regions. First task was to pick out the best place that will match the kind of activities, food, and theme of the masquerade party. The party was planned to include the mysterious mask and mood along with the entertainment for members of all categories. The intrigue and excitement surrounding the masquerade attracted the mood and activities of the event. Masquerade parade of 10 couples followed by a pristine performance of salsa was the highlight of the evening. There were stalls exhibiting the fabulous talents of the members which were completely sold out by the end of the evening. Scrumptious food and lavish setting and load of fun were consistent from the start to the end. The core team of region7: Dr Abraham, Dr,Mehanas, Dr Sabeena,Dr Hari, Dr Jacob, Dr Sajitha Prasad  along with Dr Marly, Dr Jolly, Dr Ajay, Dr Prasad, Mr Biji  and Mr Gene worked unanimously for the success of this event. The event was inaugurated by AKMG President Dr George Joseph  and was graced by Seniors members of AKMG- Dr George Jacob,Dr Sunny Kurian, Dr Hanish Babu, Dr Radhakrishnan, Dr Biju Ittimani Dr Sughu, Dr Nirmala and  dignitaries from our region as well as other regions of AKMG emirates enhancing the flavor and fun of the evening.