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Erstwhile Ajman & UAQ chapter..
AKMG Region 2 though a small chapter in terms of membership, with just 105 active members in 2021, has played major roles in the formation of this organisation, and has made innumerable contributions towards shaping AKMG Emirates to its present state.
Discussions over dinner about the formation of AKMG, began in the homes of many of our senior members along with the Senior members from other regions.

The region with its, visionary leaders, enthusiastic and able members, central location and relaxed governmental policies, became the natural choice for hosting many of the central events of AKMG.

Notable among them are the
Ajman Medicon 2008 (Annual Convention, CME, Cultural Competitions and Gala Dinner)
Annual Sports meet at Ajman beach 2009
Annual Sports meet at Ajman beach 2011
Central CME - 2014 at Ajman University
AKMG Health Carnival 2017
Junior talents day – 2019

Region 2 has contributed several leaders to AKMG Emirates, who took office in various capacities.
Dr.Hanish Babu, Secretary General - 2008 - 2010
Dr.K.Radhakrishnan - President- 2010 - 2012
Dr Sughu Malayil Koshy, Treasurer- 2012- 2015
Dr.Hanish Babu - President, 2017- 2019
Dr.Sughu Malayil Koshy Secretary General 2019 - 2021.

Since its formation AKMG Region 2 has been conducting CMEs, health awareness programs like Basic Life Support courses, first aid courses etc., for the benefit of its members and their family.

Region 2 conducts yearly Medical Camps in association with Indian Association UAQ and Indian Association Ajman, which attract huge number of patients. Our region also conducts several medical and charity drives in labour camps. Installation of sharing fridges, COVID awareness helplines, sponsoring Isolation centres, arranging tickets on repatriation flights, are some among the numerous social activities the region has organised.

The members of Region 2 and their families are known for their enthusiastic and whole hearted participation in all the central and regional events of AKMG. And it is no surprise that the Region has excelled in many of the cultural and sporting events of AKMG Emirates.
Overall cultural competition winners - Dubaicon 2007.
Overall cultural competition winners - Ajman Medicon 2008 (Joint Winners with Sharjah).
Best Skit and Second best theme:- RAK Utsav 2016

For Kalikkalam 2019, Region 2 scored a whopping 10 Gold Medals, 8 Silver Medals and 3 Bronze Medals out of the 33 Individual Track and Field Events and 6 Gold Medals out of the 13 Team Events.

The spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie run deep in the veins of all the members of Region 2, and we will always be united in the cause and core values of AKMG