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AKMG Dubai region..
The idea of formation of a new organisation like AKMG Emirates was proposed by Dr Azad Moopen,Dr M.A Mohamed, and Dr V. Sasikumar in early 2003. This idea was Discussed among 11 senior doctors, majority from Dubai.
This group has decided to form AKMG Emirates as an association and to conduct a convention in December 2003.
Region 4 (Dubai) is having 520 members
among the total strength of 1400 plus. Region 4 has been the power house of all activities of AKMG Emirates from its inception in organisational matters. Region 4 has given the major contribution through CME revenues fo the central fund. Region 4 used to conduct 6-7 family events during each tenure which were visual treats, well attended by our members. Region 4 takes part in all central activities with much enthusiasm and dedication.

Region 4 has been conducting charity activities like Ramadan Charity and medical camps. Recently we have built 3 houses for the flood victims at wayanadu. Cultural Committee, CME committee, sports Committee and social services Committee and various clubs under these committees are very active in Region 4 and have conducted many programmes for our members .