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AKMG Ras Al Khaimah founded in 2003 under the leadership of Dr Baby Mathew, Dr Dominic & Dr Subhash has been a key contender in the growth of AKMG Emirates.

In the beginning, Region 6 consisted of only 7-8 members, but since then, the region has witnessed tremendous growth in their numbers. We are proud to have have 72 members in our family.

We reached our first milestone in the year 2005, we held our first CME in collaboration with the University of Seychelles.
In 2010, another turning point for Region 6 was when we won the first place in the Convention held at Al Nasr Leisure land Dubai. Another great achievement of R6 was the success of Rak utsav-convention held at Ras al khaimahin 2016.

Despite our small numbers, our chapter is able to stand on even ground with other regions and has even witnessed our talented members assume various leadership roles at the Central including and not limited to the role of the president.

The members of our chapter also proved their capabilities through the successful organization and execution of the Bieniel Convention. The ultimate joy of Region 6 is, our members, who not only are professionally excellent, but are also culturally competent, with many talents, and have received multiple accolades from various organizations.

Our numbers may be small but our dreams and aspirations for the region is big. As leaves of the same branch, each of us look forward to working together as a family, taking this region to new heights.