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If AKMG Emirates is the crown of the Medical and Dental doctors' community from the state of Kerala, India, the seven regional chapters are the jewels studded to the crown. Region 7, formerly known as Sharjah chapter, is second only to Region 4 when the membership strength is taken into account. The number of Life members of Region 7 is 335
From the formation, Region7, of course alongside the other regions, made significant contributions to the amazing growth of AKMG from a cute stumbling child to a handsome youth envied by any similar community.
Based in Sharjah, which is widely known as the cultural capital of UAE, Region7 lived upto the reputation of the Emirate. In every venture of AKMG, Region 7 stood firm and tall, shoulder to shoulder with the other Regions, in organising family get-togethers, sports and games, academic activities, art and cultural performances to philanthropic initiatives for the less fortunate in the society.
Region 7 also boasts many eminent leaders who have held key posts at the Center and who have been very instrumental in carrying the mantle of Akmg to its present day success and glory.